The Integrated Qualifications Register (IQR) was launched on 15 July 2016.

The Integrated Qualifications Register (IQR) is a public register with information on qualifications awarded in Poland. The functioning of the IQR is regulated by the Act of 22 December 2015 on the Integrated Qualifications System (IQS) and the Register is operated by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP). The Minister Coordinator, i.e. the Minister of National Education, is responsible for appropriate functioning of the IQS.

The Register will include information on qualifications awarded in Poland and will gather information on institutions responsible for endorsement of awarded qualifications, regardless of whether they were previously included in other registers kept by various ministries, sectors, communities or institutions.

Pursuant to the Act, the first qualifications to be included in the IQR were the qualifications from the general, vocational and higher education system.  The Register will include also market qualifications submitted by the interested entities, e.g. representatives of individual sectors, trainings institutions, crafts.

In order to be entered into the IQR, a market qualification must undergo a verification process defined in the Act on the IQS and be assigned with a level of the Polish Qualifications Framework (PQF).  The entry of a qualification into the IQR will thus mean that its credibility and quality have been confirmed by public authorities and that thanks to its assignment to a PQF level the qualification may be compared to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF)

The IQS will enable comparability of diplomas and certificates in Poland and abroad, and will improve the quality of trainings and courses.

Benefits from the introduction of the IQS:

  • faster, simpler and more accessible way of obtaining certificates of attained qualifications;
  • clear method of assessing the offer of a given educational institution or a training company;
  • simpler professional development planning;
  • easier and clearer method of demonstrating one’s qualifications to the employer;
  • more effective and efficient search for employees, planning of payroll and training for employees;
  • organised presentation of the offer of training companies and other organisations providing various forms of education.

Credentials and certificates not included in the IQR for which there is a social demand will continue to function as previously.

The IQR operation by the PARP is a continuation of a project implemented under the Human Capital Operational Programme by the Educational Research Institute under which the first version of the IQR was created (before the entry into force of the Act on the IQS).

You are invited to browse full qualifications (awarded in the general, vocational and higher education system) entered into the IQR.

Entities interested in entry of market qualifications into the IQR should read the Instruction.

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